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Clearwater Prepaid Funeral Plans

What are Prepaid Funeral Plans?

Life is a beautiful Journey.  We plan many events in our lives, including birthdays, weddings, graduation and other special occasions.  Why not also plan our funeral?  Today, personal funeral planning is becoming popular.  Clearwater prepaid funeral plans ensure that everything is exactly the way you want and that your wishes are followed.  

There are various reasons why you may want to plan your funeral.  For example, you would not want your loved ones to struggle with the costs of arranging your funeral.  Planning your funeral can also prevent conflicts among your surviving family members.  

Benefits of a Clearwater Prepaid Funeral Plan

Pre-planning your funeral is a thoughtful act of love for your surviving family members. With Clearwater prepaid funeral plans, you are removing the burden of planning and arranging the funeral from your family members. Planning your final services prevents family squabbles. Moreover, you will save your family from the financial burden that comes with planning a funeral.

Planning your funeral also ensures that your last wishes are respected and honored. For example, you can decide on burial or cremation and what type or remembrance service will be held.  All based on your choices and wishes so it takes the guess work out of it for family members.

Why You Should Consider a Clearwater Prepaid Funeral Plan

Planning for your funeral offers peace of mind. The biggest benefit of pre-paying for your services is saving your family from the financial burden of arranging a funeral. A Clearwater prepaid funeral plan works like an insurance plan, in that it guarantees no financial burden for loved ones. For example, the plan “locks” in the cost of the funeral services so there is no additional cost.

Holloway Funeral Home offers various types of pre-paid funeral plans. You can select a plan that has the benefits you prefer and fits your budget. Below are the benefits of signing up for a prepaid funeral plan:

i) Peace of Mind

Having peace of mind is important, and this is what you get with our Clearwater prepaid funeral plan. When you sign up for a plan, you can indicate the activities you would like to be included in your funeral. For example, you can decide if you prefer burial or cremation services, flower arrangement, and so on. You will have peace of mind knowing that your last wishes will be honored.

ii) Economical

Prepaying for your funeral is cost effective. The money you contribute is saved in a trust or insurance plan and is readily available when needed. Moreover, the prepaid plan is “locked”, i.e. you won’t have to pay more over time due to inflation or other factors.

iii) Convenience

Signing up for your Clearwater prepaid funeral plan is easy. You can sign up online from the convenience of your home or office or can call us to help you with the process. Our team is courteous and will educate you on the various plans available as well as the best options based on your preferences as well as budget.

iv) Personal Choice

Prepaid funeral plans put all the choices in your hands. You will have the final say regarding how you would like your final journey to be. Whether you would like cremation or the traditional funeral, it will be honored in the plan.

Sign up for a Pre-Paid Funeral Plan

If you’d like to take charge of your funeral services and leave your loved ones without any financial or planning burdens, you can get started on your Clearwater prepaid funeral plan today.  Just click our online pre-arrangement form link below or call us at 813-855-2439.  Many people feel it is easier to review our online form first and then contact one of our remembrance planners with specials requests or questions.  With over 40 years’ experience serving the area, we take pride in making sure you have peace of mind that your service will go exactly as you planned.  


Thank you to all at Holloway Funeral Home in Oldsmar Florida. You helped my Mom and I in 2016 with my Fathers funeral arrangements and you helped me again in 2018 for my Mom's funeral arrangements. It has taken me over two years to thank you publicly on your website but I wanted to do so, so I finally am. You were so kind, respectful and professional. Thank you again and again. I can never forget you all.

Eileen Graham
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