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Largo VA Burial Benefits

A veteran who has served is entitled to a number of benefits including funeral home services. Holloway Funeral Home is a highly reputed Veterans & Family Memorial Care Funeral Home. With more than 30 years of experience,  you can trust us to professionally and respectfully arrange funerals for your loved ones.

 Largo VA burial benefits are applicable to all deceased veterans who have served during war or peace. It is only if a person is still training or has experienced a dishonorable discharge, then VA burial benefits cannot be availed of. At the same time family members, spouses, and dependents of the veteran who may predeceased him or her can also use Largo VA burial benefits.  Largo VA burial benefits do NOT include burial, cremation, military honors, and transport.

 Which Cemeteries offer Largo VA burial benefits?

 National cemeteries in the overall area offerLargo VA burial benefits. Holloway funeral home will accept a burial casket or burial remains of a deceased veteran or a dependent or spouse.  Everything is done in accordance with the wishes and requirements of the deceased or his/her family members and can be personalized.

The National cemeteries in Florida are:

    In Pensacola Bay you will find Barrancas National Cemetery

    In St. Petersburg you will find Pines National Cemetery

    In Mims you will find Cape Canaveral National Cemetery

    Bushnell is home to the Florida National Cemetery

    In Jacksonville is Florida National Cemetery

    In Sarasota you will find Florida National Cemetery

    Lake Worth is home to South Florida National Cemetery

    In St. Augustine is South Florida National Cemetery

    Tallahassee is home to South Florida National Cemetery

 Depending on which national cemetery is closest to you, you can choose among any of these.

 What if you would prefer a private cemetery?

Perhaps you want a private cemetery near to you or in case other loves ones are buried there. Does that mean you do not get VA burial benefits?   In case you opt for a private cemetery you can be eligible for other benefits such as a government headstone, a marker, amedallion, a burial flag without any charge. This marks the deceased as a veteran. Some veteran may be eligible for a burial allowance thanks to Largo VA burial benefits.  VA burial benefits will not be applicable to dependents and spouses of the veteran in case a private cemetery is used.

What are the benefits of a pre-paid funeral plan?

Pre-paid funeral plans with Holloway Funeral Home is a great option. This reduces all the stress of planning a funeral,mitigates the financial burden, and ensures that the deceased’s wishes are carried out. You are free of a financial burden as is your family when they know that you have a pre-paid funeral plan in place.

As a veteran if you opt for a pre-paid funeral plan you don’t have to forego VA burial benefits either. However, it is best to check under the Pre-Need Determination of Eligibility Program what kinds of benefits are available. It may be possible to get a memorial or burial via Largo VA burial benefits when using a National Cemetery.

 Contact Holloway Funeral Home

 If you want peace of mind, contact Holloway Funeral Home for guidance and information regarding Largo VA burial benefits or for pre-need eligibility or for pre-paid funeral plans. We will work with you so that you get all the benefits that you are eligible for while opting for a National or a private cemetery.

Thank you to all at Holloway Funeral Home in Oldsmar Florida. You helped my Mom and I in 2016 with my Fathers funeral arrangements and you helped me again in 2018 for my Mom's funeral arrangements. It has taken me over two years to thank you publicly on your website but I wanted to do so, so I finally am. You were so kind, respectful and professional. Thank you again and again. I can never forget you all.

Eileen Graham
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