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Safety Harbor Prepaid Funeral Plans

Holloway Funeral Home Offers Safety Harbor Prepaid Funeral Plans

Prices of personalized funeral services are constantly increasing. By planning your own funeral, you can plan the type of service you would like while protecting against price increases. Holloway Funeral Home offers Safety Harbor prepaid funeral plans to ensure your family does not have to deal with paying and planning for a funeral during a difficult time.    

The Benefits of a Safety Harbor Prepaid Funeral 

Aside from the emotions of grief and loss, family must bear the burden of planning the funeral service and the expenses. However, if you establish a Safety Harbor prepaid funeral plan, you spare your loved ones the unneeded stress of planning the service, spending the money, and deciding what kind of funeral you would actually want.  It also relieves your family of wondering what you would want and did they do the right thing.  

Pre-planning removes arguments amongst family members regarding your funeral. You can customize your funeral plans to include whether you want a cremation or burial, the type of urn or casket, and various other details.  No one has to guess what you want because it is all taken care of by you.  

With a Safety Harbor prepaid funeral plan, you and your family are also protected against price increases that are inevitable over time. You are able to choose a plan that best fits your budget and your family is not burdened with paying for your services. The cost of your prepaid funeral plan is locked and the money is placed in a trust or insurance policy to ensure there are no unexpected surprises.  

Make the Smart Choice by Opting for a Safety Harbor Prepaid Funeral Plan

If you plan your funeral, then you are making a wise decision. Get the peace of mind you deserve and want knowing everything is taken care of and will not fall on your loved ones shoulders.  A prepaid funeral plan offers you:

Freedom – You will be free from the rising costs of funerals, since you have already locked in your plan. The money is kept safely in a trust or insurance policy so that it is easily available when the time comes.

Peace of mind – Every decision will fulfill your wishes when you complete a prepaid funeral plan. You can also make joint decisions with your loved ones if you choose.

Easy to use – It’s simple to select the kind of funeral and services you want thanks to our online form, which covers every detail. You can also call us if you have any questions or want to clarify information. 

Your preference –You can incorporate your religious beliefs or family traditions if you desire. Just remember to make sure that your family is aware of your prepaid funeral plan as well.

Don’t Wait to Plan Your Safety Harbor Prepaid Funeral Plan

Our simple online form below is all that you have to complete in order to get started. Holloway Funeral Home is in Oldsmar, but we service the entire Florida region.  If you need any help or have questions, feel free to contact our remembrance planners at 813-855-2439 or come by our Oldsmar funeral home for help and guidance planning your Safety Harbor prepaid funeral plan.   Holloway Funeral Home has been in business for over 40 years and is prides itself on helping others plan their services with integrity and compassion so they get exactly what they want.

Thank you to all at Holloway Funeral Home in Oldsmar Florida. You helped my Mom and I in 2016 with my Fathers funeral arrangements and you helped me again in 2018 for my Mom's funeral arrangements. It has taken me over two years to thank you publicly on your website but I wanted to do so, so I finally am. You were so kind, respectful and professional. Thank you again and again. I can never forget you all.

Eileen Graham
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