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Tarpon Springs Prepaid Funeral Plans

Tarpon Springs Prepaid Funeral Plan by Holloway Funeral Home

We tend to avoid talking about funerals. In some places, talking about death is considered a bad omen.However, death is inevitable and the earlier we recognize this fact and plan for it, the better we can leave our loved ones. Holloway Funeral Home can help with your Tarpon Springs prepaid funeral plan to ensure things will be done according to your wishes. For example, we can help you plan for:

  • The kind of service you would like (traditional, cremation, religious, etc.)
  • Amount of expenses to be incurred
  • Accessories to be used (wreath, casket, clothes, etc.)
  • And more

You never know what could happen to your loved ones after you pass on. For this reason, it’s critical to prepare well and lighten the financial and emotional burden that may come with your departure.

Prepaid Funeral Plans – Be In Control

A prepaid funeral plan is exactly like it sounds: a set of funeral arrangements that are pre-determined and carried out according to your wishes. Generally, the plans involve setting aside some money to cater for various activities that will have to be done during your funeral.

Holloway Funeral Home offers Tarpon Springs prepaid funeral plans. We can help you plan your departure and ensure your wishes will be adhered to. Through our plans, you will eliminate the burden of planning your funeral from your surviving family members. Our Tarpon Springs prepaid funeral plan packages will help your loved ones know exactly what you would like done for your funeral.

Benefits of a Tarpon Springs Prepaid Funeral Plans

There are various benefits of signing up for a Tarpon Springs pre-paid funeral plan. These include:

i) Eliminating stress

Our plans help to alleviate the stress your loved ones will experience while mourning. A prepaid plan assures your surviving family members that your final wishes would be carried out as you wanted. Simply knowing that your exact wishes are being honored can be comforting to your family during the difficult mourning period.

ii) Funeral instructions

Our pre-paid funeral plans also have detailed instructions on budgets, services, and other specific arrangements. Your family may not be ready to see these details during the difficult period immediately after your departure. You can choose the clergy,facilities, headstone, burial plot, urn, casket, or alternative services and elements in our plans. Our goal is to ensure you will have the final say on everything, from the type of service to the resting place.

iii) Save costs

You can also save by signing up for a prepaid funeral plan. Our contracts are usually paid in advance.Therefore, you will lock in the cost of the funeral and memorial you would like.

Holloway Funeral Home prepaid funeral plans provide a specific budget and allowance for various aspects of your service. When you sign up for a plan, you will not have to worry about the funeral price increasing or your plan being affected by inflation. Any money that is left from the plan can be allocated to your surviving family members or donated to the charity of your choice.

Call Us Today to Start Your Prepaid Funeral Plan in Tarpon Springs

Purchasing a Tarpon Springs prepaid funeral plan is like giving your loved ones a gift. Your family members will be under intense emotional stress after you are gone. With our plans, you have provided for all the funeral expenses, and therefore lighten your loved ones'burden.

Holloway Funeral Home offers Tarpon Springs prepaid funeral plans that are committed to ensuring your wishes are adhered to after you depart.  Call usat 813-855-2439 to find out how you can personalize your funeral service through our pre-paid plans.

Thank you to all at Holloway Funeral Home in Oldsmar Florida. You helped my Mom and I in 2016 with my Fathers funeral arrangements and you helped me again in 2018 for my Mom's funeral arrangements. It has taken me over two years to thank you publicly on your website but I wanted to do so, so I finally am. You were so kind, respectful and professional. Thank you again and again. I can never forget you all.

Eileen Graham
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