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How to Write a Funeral Speech

Published: September 20, 2021


How to write a memorable funeral speech that honors your loved one's memory.

Delivering a funeral speech can be one of the most emotional tasks that a person can undertake. Even if you're a skilled at public speaker, it can be difficult to organize your thoughts and get everything out that you'd like to say without breaking down in tears.

The good news is that writing a eulogy can led to a very uplifting experience for both yourself and those in attendance. To get you started, we’ve compiled several tips that will make writing a eulogy a lot easier.

Start with a Simple Intro

The first thing you should do in your funeral speech is to introduce yourself and explain your relationship to the deceased. Even if everyone in attendance probably knows you, this is a great way to mentally prepare yourself for everything that's to follow. You may also want to take the time upfront to acknowledge a close friend or family member and then focus on that person if you're a bit nervous.

Speak from the Heart

When delivering a funeral speech, it should be obvious that you'll want to speak from the heart. If you find that you're overcome with emotion, feel free to pause and take the time to collect yourself. There's also no harm in cutting the speech short if it becomes too emotionally difficult. Trust us - no one is going to disparage you for being unable to get everything out.

Focus on the Positives

Although a funeral is always a sad situation, it's important you make your speech as positive as possible. Talk about the person's best qualities and what you truly liked or loved about them.

Even people who are a little rough around the edges have positive attributes that have endeared them to family and friends, so you should always have plenty of ground to cover. That being said, no one is a complete saint, so it doesn't hurt to mention something a little negative but in a light-hearted fashion.

Talk About Their Careers

A person's career is typically a huge part of their lives. Some people even have two or three careers and maybe more before they pass away. If the deceased's career was important to them, be sure to mention it in some way. Perhaps cover their accomplishments or simply acknowledge their coworkers and how much it means for them to attend the funeral.

Mention Their Passions

Although a person's career is often important, many people are defined by their hobbies and passions. Maybe they were a movie buff or perhaps they were a sports fanatic. Others have hobbies such as collecting certain items, building model ships, volunteering at shelters, playing video games, etc. If you're not sure exactly what they were interested in, simply ask a few friends or family members.

Sprinkle in Funny Stories

If you want to create a truly good eulogy, then you should attempt to sprinkle in a funny story or two about the deceased. Very often, humorous anecdotes are an extremely important and essential part of any funeral speech. This is because it provides the opportunity to bring a little light-heartedness and levity to an otherwise grief-stricken affair. Plus, people just love to hear funny stories involving those they care about.

Mention What You Learned

Depending on your relationship with the deceased, you may have learned something from them. If they had ever been a mentor or gave you good life advice, be sure to mention that. The people who have gathered for the funeral will love to hear how someone they cared about helped others while they were alive.

Talk About Other People

Just because a funeral speech is focused on the deceased doesn't mean that you can't mention other people. Those in attendance will love to hear about how much the person being celebrated felt about the family and friends who had been a part of their life. This is another great opportunity to share a funny story or two.

Never Let It Get Political

If you're going to deliver a eulogy, one good rule to follow is to leave politics out of it. Regardless of how the deceased felt about a certain issue, a funeral is simply not the place to talk about such things. This can lead to negative feelings and may even offend someone to a degree. Even if you think no one will be bothered by it, it's probably best to leave it out or barely touch on it.

Offer Words of Comfort

The people listening to your funeral speech are going to feel a degree of grief no matter what you say, but you don’t want to end on a sour note. Although it may sound a little cheesy, you should add some words of comfort at the end of your speech. It doesn't need to be complicated. Just explain that the deceased would have loved seeing everyone there and how much they cared about everyone when they were alive.

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