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The Benefits of a Prepaid Funeral Plan

Published: December 2, 2019

When Someone Dies

Why you should consider prepaid funeral plans now!

The passing of a loved one is an incredibly difficult time for any family. Facing the idea of living the rest of your days without their presence is hard enough but having to plan their funeral shortly after their passing can be a burden that is almost always non-confrontable. Often, final expenses like hospital bills and burial services make it even harder to take action on in the midst of grieving, processing the loss, and supporting the rest of the family.

Prepaid funeral plans help families give their loved ones the services they deserve without the extra stress of unexpected financial burdens while allowing you to mourn in peace without funeral arrangements needing to be dealt with. These simple plans are designed to help families control costs, ensure that loved ones get their final wishes fulfilled, and frees survivors from the heavy emotional weight of worry.

Control Burial Costs with Prepaid Funeral Plans

Inflation affects every aspect of our daily lives. As prices on things like food, consumer goods, and real estate continue to grow, it's only natural that the cost of a funeral will continue to increase as well. Without a plan, families can find themselves struggling to find the funds needed to give their loved one a respectful burial while still maintaining their own daily financial responsibilities.

Many people turn to crowdfunding or other means of collecting money to pay for burial expenses. These methods, however, are severely limited, especially after an unexpected loss. Whether the deceased simply didn't have many friends during their lifetime or everyone who could contribute is being negatively impacted by larger economic trends, this path could make an already difficult situation that much worse.  

Prepaid funeral plans help families avoid these hassles. With a prepaid service, prices are locked in from the time you pay and is an out of sight, out of mind plan of relief. That means your family won't be confronted with big bills or require the need to search the community for donations. Regardless of changes in the local economy, your prepaid funeral plan won't increase over the years.

Give Loved Ones the Respected Experience with Prepaid Burials

A funeral is, in essence, a celebration of life and a time to share fond memories and wishes from the deceased. One of the most touching aspects of a funeral is when people come together to talk about how their loved one touched their lives in the most positive ways. This allows them to leave the service feeling grateful for having that presence in their lives, no matter how short or long the time may have been.

Make Your Passing Less Stressful with a Prepaid Plan

Losing an important person in your life is hard enough without the need to worry about other issues such as what your loved one will wear for the ceremony, where the final resting place will be, and other details about the service. Without a prepaid plan in place for funeral services, additional financial strain could become another issue a family will have to deal with. With the additional financial strain, surviving family members and friends could end up fighting instead of using their energies to heal and move forward.  

Prepaid funeral plans save your surviving loved ones from the emotional drain of arranging and paying for your burial. Instead, they can have more time to mourn together and be there as support systems for one another, while enjoying the sweet memories you left behind. This gives them the best chance to move forward with their own lives as a family while celebrating your time with them.

Prepaid Funeral Plans From Holloway Funeral Home

Let Holloway Funeral Home help you plan for your burial in advance for the security and sanity of your family. Over the last 32 years, we've helped Oldsmar residents create beautiful and meaningful celebrations that leave their loved ones feeling connected, appreciated, and ready to rebuild their lives after the passing of a dear relative or friend.

Contact the representatives at Holloway Funeral Home to learn more about prepaid funeral plans in the Oldsmar area.

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