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Ways to Remember a Lost Family Member After a Funeral

Published: August 28, 2020

How can you remember a lost family member after a funeral service?

After the memorial service for a lost family member, it's normal to feel a little clouded and confused. You want to keep your loved one's memory alive while continuing to work through your grief. There are many ways to remember a family member while you process your loss.

How to Remember a Lost Family Member

Once the funeral or cremation services are over and there are no more trips to the funeral home, you're left trying to figure out how to go on without your loved one beside you. Here are some ways to keep the memory of a lost family member alive.

1. Frame an Item That They Loved

One way to remember a family member is to take an item that they loved, like their favorite t-shirt, blanket, or album, and frame it. This will yield a permanent memory of your loved one, and you can also display the item during the visitation or service at the funeral home. Guests and other family members will appreciate having a little insight into loved one's personality.

2. Craft Something from Their Favorite Garments

If you've got a few pieces of clothing that your lost family member enjoyed wearing, you might fashion them into a memorial item. There are numerous possibilities, but some of the most popular alternatives are:

  • Quilts or blankets
  • Teddy bears
  • Pillows
  • Holiday stockings
  • Wall art

Don't feel like you have to devote a large amount of space to the memory piece if you're short on space or prefer a more minimalist style; it's possible to craft small pieces that require only a tiny amount of space if necessary. For example, teddy bears, pillows, and wall art can all be made to only be a few inches in height or length.

3. Dedicate a Bench

Dedicating a bench is a lovely way to remember a lost family member and encourage others to take a few minutes to appreciate their loved ones. You can inquire with your local parks department about the process to dedicate a bench in a public park to your loved one. Many parks offer residents the option to pay to place a remembrance plaque on a public bench. Or, if you prefer a more private setting, have the memorial bench for your lost family member placed on private property. You might consult with organizations your loved one worked with or talk to friends and family members who have a garden or trail on their property.

4. Frame a Memory Board

A framed memory board is a fantastic way to keep your lost family member's memory alive. You also have a few alternatives for creating the memory board. When friends and family gather at the funeral home, they'll have a lot of kind words to say about your loved one. Have them write some of these kind words on white picture matting with a permanent marker. Then, you can add one of your favorite pictures of your loved one to the frame.

5. Institute an Annual Day of Celebration in Their Memory

Many cultures have an annual day of celebration or remembrance where they remember a lost family member. Give your loved one their own special day where you honor their memory with a special meal or tradition. You might make the annual day the same as their cremation or funeral services, or you can select another day if your lost family member had a fondness for a specific time of the year.

6. Support a Cause Close to Your Lost Family Member

Continue to support any charities, organizations, or movements that were meaningful to your lost family member to keep their memory alive. Your support can be financial in nature, or you can donate your time or abilities. If you decide to live stream the funeral service, let the virtual attendees know about any causes or charities that were special to your loved one.

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Have additional questions about making final arrangements? Contact Holloway Funeral Home, a funeral home in Oldsmar, Florida, for more information. We will respect you and your lost family member and ensure they're remembered fondly with a truly beautiful funeral service. Contact us today to schedule a no-cost consultation and for prepaid funeral plans.

Planning a Funeral with a Personal Touch for Your Loved One

Published: August 18, 2020 by Holloway Funeral Home


Tips for Planning a Funeral with a Custom Touch

Conventionally, funeral and cremation services followed a predetermined format. Now, it's common for funeral arrangements to reflect the personality and preferences of the deceased.

When planning a funeral, many people are so overwhelmed with grief that they aren't sure where to start with planning the funeral arrangements. Start by remembering all the traits and characteristics that made your loved one special. Then, use these unique attributes when planning a funeral.

Here are a few tips to help your planning:

Incorporate Your Loved One's Personality into the Decor for the Arrangements

While it's perfectly fine to work with a funeral home, an alternative is to add a few personal decorative pieces that reflect your loved one's memory. For example, if your loved one was an avid sports fan, you could display their favorite sports pennant. Did your loved one enjoy quilting or crafting? Show off some of their hand-made pieces.

Celebrate Their Memory with a Special Dish

When planning a funeral, it's customary to gather after the services to eat and talk about your passed loved one's life. Another way to keep the deceased's memory alive is to opt for a menu that includes dishes or beverages that they had a preference for.

Perhaps your loved one always looked forward to a certain type of pie around the holidays; offer this pie as a dessert after their cremation services. The deceased might have had a secret recipe they only shared with a few select people. If possible, have the caterer or a kitchen-savvy friend prepare the dish to serve after you go to the funeral home.

Keep Your Loved One's Thoughts in Mind When Selecting Funeral Content

Everyone has their own thoughts regarding death and grieving. Some people find solace in the fact that they will be grieved after their passing; others would be mortified to know that a room full of people at an funeral home are crying over their death. While it's perfectly fine for mourners to grieve however they desire, keep your loved one's values and thoughts in mind when planning a funeral.

Don't feel like you have to stick with traditional music and readings for the deceased's funeral. If your loved one preferred a certain type of music, feel free to incorporate a couple of songs they would have liked. Maybe your loved one had a humorous or sardonic tone; it's okay to use poems or recitations that have the same voice.

Line Up Transportation to and from the Funeral Home

Depending on the logistics of the service, you might need transportation to or from the funeral home. Some people have a preference for a certain type of vehicle; they might love motorcycles or have a passion for vintage cars. While planning a funeral, see if there's any way to incorporate these vehicles into the service.

A local vintage car club may be able to do a drive-by, or your loved one may have a lot of friends who drive motorcycles or specialty vehicles. They might be able to help with the transportation arrangements when planning a funeral.

Add Photos or Video to the Service

Photos and videos are a quick way to add a custom touch to your loved one's funeral arrangements. When planning a funeral, decide if there are any images or videos that you want to use. If you decide to live stream the funeral service, the individuals virtually attending will appreciate the chance to remember some of your loved one's happy memories.

Need more assistance when planning a funeral or funeral pre-planning? Contact us today for help.

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